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Mood Board


All the best photoshoots start with a mood. 

A mood board is a visual collage of text, pictures, colors, and other elements used to depict a specific feeling or style. It serves as a creative guide to follow when designing a photoshoot. 

Simply put: a collection of curated inspiration laid out for you to see. 

A very crucial part of the planning process, yet it can be the most time-consuming. 

You deserve a break.

Leave this step to me.

With this service, you will receive a fully designed mood/inspiration board in the form of a digital .png file. You pick the theme, I visualize it.

Shoot Theming 


No idea on where to start? 

It's not your fault. Creative blocks happen to everyone. The constant demands of life can make us feel so overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion where even thinking feels like work. 

Ironically, the more you try to be creative, the harder it becomes to create

The good news is, you're not actually struggling. You just have other areas in your life that call for your attention. 

Take a breath and relax.

Allow me to do the creative planning. 

With this service, you will receive 2 original photoshoot ideas with details. Including information on the estimated budgets, where to buy materials needed, the best shoot locations, what content to use when drafting your mood board, and additional recommendations.

Prop Shopping 


Shopping, believe it or not, is a skill. 

You're so over long wait lines, driving in traffic, comparing costs, hunting through store after store for your items, leaving disappointed, and of course, forgetting important things when it's too late. I hear ya. What a way to ruin a photoshoot even before it happens!

Don't stress. I got you. 

With this service, you will get your precious time back while I do the hustle and bustle of prop shopping for you. All within your given budget. This service also includes: a drafted shopping list of 5-10 prop suggestions relating to your photoshoot theme so you don't even have to think about it. 

Shadow Me Workshop

Coming Soon.

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