What are your prices?

Packages start at $369. 

To have a complete full package price sheet sent to you, please fill out a client inquiry form

What types of sessions do you offer?

Brand: fashion, campaign, editorial, advertising, creative content

Portrait: everyday, special occasions (ex. birthday, graduation), studio/outdoor, headshots

Commercial: product, e-commerce, stock, food/beverage, lifestyle

Consulting: mood board, shoot theming, prop shopping, shadow me workshop

What if my desired project doesn't fit into the packages offered?

No worries, I am open to negotiating a unique offer that will provide you with what you need. 

If you are a business or brand who already know what you want, I highly recommend for you to request a custom quote for your project. 

For others, you may discuss with me.

Do you travel for client sessions?

Yes, I travel within the state of California per my availability. Travel time, gas, and studio rental fees will apply. 

Can I bring someone to accompany me during my photoshoot?

Yes, you are welcome to bring one other person with you.

I've never booked a photoshoot before. How do I plan and prepare for it?

If you're feeling lost on what to do, consider adding one of the consulting services. 

As far as preparing for the shoot day, please read my blog post on this topic. 

Are props provided?

Props are only included in commercial packages for no extra charge. 

However if you'd like for props to be provided in other packages, you may want to add a 'Prop Shopping' service. Otherwise, you are encouraged to bring your own props. 

What color backdrops do you have for indoor sessions?

White, gray, brown, beige, blue, pink, black, red, olive, orange, and yellow.

*Range of capture differs per color* This is explained further in the inquiry form.

If I don't know how to pose, can you help direct me?

Yes, I will be more than happy to help direct you. 

How will you deliver the photos to me?

After your session, you will receive a personalized link via email where you can download your images in high resolution. 

Detailed instructions on how to save the images will also be provided upon booking. 

How long is your turn around time?

Between 3 days and 2 weeks depending on the type of session.

Do you give out the raw files or unedited jpegs? 

I do not. Raw files require specific software to access and unedited jpegs do not reflect my overall photography style.

What editing programs do you use?

A combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Do you do TFP or model/photographer collaborations?

It depends on my availability. I absolutely love connecting with other talents and creatives in the community, but client sessions will receive first priority booking on my schedule. 

Please fill out a model form to be considered for future projects, or you can book a session with me to avoid the wait. 

How many photos do I receive back?

It depends on the package you choose. Packages include:

1. how long the session will be

2. how many different looks/outfits/products

3. how many different locations/backdrop colors

4. the number of edits you'll receive

In order to receive a full package price sheet, you must fill out a client inquiry form.

I tried dming you on IG and have not received a response. What is the best method of reaching you?

I don't accept bookings or inquiries via Instagram DM. The best ways to reach me are: 

1. My contact form

2. My scheduling assistant (email: diteambook@gmail.com)

3. My client inquiry form

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